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"In all services case conceptualization, assessments and interventions

 are situational and designed collaboratively with each client."

15 Minute Getting Started Consultation          (Free)

Online walk-through of the process of finding a Street Therapist to work with you on your concerns. We'll start off with some basic questions and move forward from there.  If you are, however, ready to book with one of our Street Therapists, you can choose to click Book by Service. 

Life Coaching                                                     $120/hr (+ HST)

We offer coaching services to help you to become a better version of yourself. Whether you are looking to improve executive functioning skills or undergoing life transitions and feel you would benefit from practical skill-based coaching sessions, we can work together to maximize your full potential and reach your desired goals. This service  is performed by any of the Street Therapists. 

Comprehensive Psycho-educational Assessment     $2500/Pkg 

Mrs. Shilton continues to offer comprehensive psycho-educational assessments for youths between ages 5 and 16 years. An assessment package includes intake, testing appointments, and feedback session. You will also receive a psychological report providing detailed results of the testing and recommendations necessary for the youth's well-being and educational needs. This service is conducted by a licensed psychological associate. 

Individual Psychotherapy 

 $180/hr (includes HST)

Individual Psychotherapy is typically longer-term treatment for mental health and related concerns. According to numerous research studies, change occurs when clients participate in at least 8 to 24 sessions. We have some clients who complete a number of sessions to reach therapy goals and have others who continue to come for years for mental health check-ins.  This service is performed by supervised practitioners and registered psychotherapist. 

Family or Couples Therapy 

 $200/hr (includes HST)

Family and Couples therapy can benefit participants in various stages of their relationships. In family and couples therapy, we seek to look at the problems objectively and externally to help the participants find a common ground from which they can start honest evaluation and move forward.  This service is conducted over several sessions as a family or couple as well as individual members of the family unit. 

Individual Counselling - Supervised Practice

$80/hr (+HST)

Sessions with an intern under supervision.  While you will be seeing a supervisee, and your sessions will be recorded for review purposes, we aim to provide the same valued service as fully priced services.